React is a JavaScript library for building's developed by Facebook and a community of individual developers and corporations.React is used for the development of single-page or mobile applications. However, React is involved with rendering information to the document object model, then making React applications sometimes needs the employment of extra libraries for state management and routing. revived and React Router square measure various samples of such libraries.

Course Outline

  • The latest JS features in React
    • var,let and const
    • Spread Operator
    • Rest Parameter
    • Destructuring
    • Arrow Functions
    • Template Literals
    • The map() method
    • The Object.assign() method
    • Classes
    • Static methods
    • Promises
    • async/await
  • What's new in React?
  • Setting up React
  • Creating a React component
  • Organizing a React application
  • Styling a component with CSS classes and inline styles
  • Passing props to a component and validating them with PropTypes
  • Using local state in a component
  • Making a functional or stateless component
  • Understanding React lifecycle methods
    • Todo list – implementing ComponentWillMount
    • Implementing the constructor and componentDidMount
    • Implementing shouldComponentUpdate
    • Implementing componentWillReceiveProps and componentWillUnmount
    • Implementing componentDidUpdate
    • Implementing componentWillUpdate
  • Understanding React Pure Components
  • Preventing XSS vulnerabilities in React
  • Handling and Binding Events
  • Binding methods using the constructor versus using arrow functions
  • Creating form elements with events
  • Displaying information in a modal with react-popup
  • Updating our title and meta tags with React Helmet
  • Introduction to React Router v4
  • Implementing React Router
  • Adding parameters to our routes
  • Introduction to Redux
  • Creating a Redux Store
  • Making action creators and dispatching actions
  • Implementing Firebase with Redux
  • Introduction to Redux Form
  • Creating a controlled form with the local state
  • Building a form using Redux Form
  • Implementing validation in a form
  • Introduction to React Animations
  • Animating a todo list with ReactCSSTransitionGroup
  • Using react-animations library
  • Creating our first animation with React Pose
  • Introduction to Node.js and Express.js
  • Creating a basic API with Express
  • Building a database with MongoDB
    • Installing MongoDB
    • Running MongoDB
    • GET method endpoints
    • POST method endpoints
    • DELETE method endpoints
    • PUT method endpoints
  • Building a database with MySQL
    • GET method endpoints
    • POST method endpoints
    • DELETE method endpoints
    • PUT method endpoints
  • Adding access tokens to secure our API
  • Introduction to Webpack 4.x
  • Webpack 4 Zero Configuration
  • Adding React to Webpack 4
  • Adding Webpack Dev Server and Sass, Stylus, or LessCSS with React
  • Webpack 4 Optimization – Splitting Bundles
  • Implementing Node.js with React/Redux and Webpack 4


Detail explanation of basic concepts is very impressive. Someone from non IT background also can understand very easily . Overall basics and walking through the real time scenario , repeating the task multiple times till everyone understands was really help full and I would definitely recommend .

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