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Developing custom software solutions has traditionally been a long and risk-prone process. This is why many instead buy off-the-shelf systems that changes company innovation. But there is a better option. Solutohub combines award-winning technology and applications so you don't need to compromise on your custom solution.

software services

solutohub provides custom software that is developed specifically for you, to provide you with the highest level of functionality, usability, and performance.
Design and development of eCommerce Website, Catalog Management, Product Pricing, Discounts & Shipping Management, Payment Gateway Integration, Warehouse Management.

Comprehensive Sales Reports & Analytics, Email Marketing and Newsletter Management, Integration With Accounting System Like Quickbooks & SAP, Digital Commerce.

Responsive Web Design Solutions, Up-Selling & Cross Selling Strategy.

We have an experienced team for e-commerce development who provide integrated payment solutions using different open source and enterprise tools.
Updating, refining, refurbishing, repairing and v re-engineering legacy software are all tasks with which Solutohub team of IT  professionals is very comfortable with.

Whether your software runs on a web, PC or mobile platform, our team has the coding, programming and development chops to upgrade any software’s purpose and function, as well as the solutions it provides.

Rely on Solutohub to turn your legacy software into easy-to-use, high-performance applications perfect for the new era for rapidly changing business needs!
  • * Information Architecture Planning:

  • Information Architecture Planning is about logically organising information of a system, such that it is user-friendly, intuitive, and consistent. Our UX Experts architects the system such that it enables the users to easily and quickly find what they are looking for.

  • * User Roadmap Design (Interaction Design):

  • An interaction is a communication between a user and your systems through the interface. Our UX experts are well-versed in identifying such interactions and creating a roadmap of the system that is consistent with the information architecture, data flow, user's expectations and your business goals.

  • * Wireframe Designing:

  • Once the information architecture and roadmap design are ready, the next step is to visualise how the system, app or a website would look like. This can be achieved using a prototype or a blueprint which is known as Wireframes. Our UX experts are experienced in designing the wireframes which help to ensure that the right information is presented in the right way and at the right place.

  • * Graphics (Visual Design):

  • Look and feel of a system is an equally important aspect, along with the well-organised information architect and roadmap design. Graphics emphasises the aesthetics of a system which includes colour and contrast, styles, fonts, images, navigation, animation, and many other design elements. In terms of websites, it is a critical element to attract as well as retains the visitors and increases conversion. Our UX experts create alluring graphics as per customer's requirements and branding.

  • * Frontend Development:

  • Frontend development is the process of converting the design into a working system. Our frontend developers are expert in coding technologies like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Bootstrap with industry standards. With our years of experience, we ensure that the system works exactly as per the information architect and roadmaps.

  • * User Testing:

  • Once the system is developed it is important to ensure it is accepted by the users and that it performs as intended. At Solutohub, User Testing is a prerequisite step before releasing a system. We conduct user testing with different users, obtain feedbacks to understand their views and identify scope for improvements.

  • Our Product Maintenance Services include:

  • * Application Enhancements
  • * Application Configuration
  • * Management Troubleshooting and Bug Fixing
  • * Performance Management
  • * Change Implementation, Code Review and Testing

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Thank-you for designing and crafting my website.I was very worried if my website will represent by business or not, truly you have done magic.Well Done Mates.

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Product "Development & Maintenance Service"

Concept Screening
  • In house feasibility test of product

  • SWOT analysis for Market acceptance

  • Preferred vs. suitable technology suggestions
Design & Development
  • Prototype/Storyboard

  • Start the Development

  • Incorporate User inputs

Support at Solutohub
  • Maintenance

  • Enhancements

  • Version Control
  • Rigorous in-house testing

  • Performance test

  • Beta Release

Solutohub Melbourne

Software Development Services


    • * We have a mature and flexible culture

    • * We have a great initialisation phase to ensure the project is a good fit, including a FREE initial meeting

    • * We apply strict standards, so our devs work in a consistent manner

    • * We clean code using the 'less code is more' approach and use efficiency tools that allow our projects to have lower maintenance down the line.
    • * We are passionate about Scrum and combined with our rules for project, our clients see efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and control We keep up-to-date with technical developments.

    • we are an industry educator We frequently achieve success on projects with other major software companies We have a rigorous employment process which means we only get the smartest people who live and breathe technology.
    • We have an ongoing support system that continues even after the project is finished, meaning that we'll be right there with you to listen to your needs and ensure project stability from the beginning to the end.

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We are "creative"

We provide our clients with high solution maintainability, performance, scalability and system integration.
We establish a thorough understanding of our customer requirements and deliver business-critical web applications.

Transparent Processes

Our transparent processes keep you in the loop with the project updates at every stage of the web app development cycle.

E-commerce and marketplace Expertise

We possess expertise in developing marketplaces according to your business needs. We implement open source and customer build e-commerce integrations.

Third-Party Integrations

We make third-party integrations easy for your web applications. Third parties are more cost effective and maintenance free.

Post-deployment Assistance

We offer post-deployment aid and resolve any issues after the launch of your application.
We undergo rigorous testing and debug before deployment and support.